4 Easy, NO-EFFORT Halloween Costumes for the Costume Impaired

October 18, 2017

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leopard print mouse ears

I love fashion but I’m bad at costumes. People are always so shocked when I mention this, but it’s true! It’s in large part because I hate buying clothes that I’m not going to wear, but also because I’m NOT CRAFTY. Like, at all. If an “easy halloween costume” requires any DIY effort it’s a no for me. Luckily I bought a pair of leopard print mouse ears in 2007 (as a souvenir from Tokyo DisneySea), and they have served in good stead over the years. I’ve trotted them out over several Halloweens to be Minnie Mouse, Annette Funicello (a former mouseketeer), and Pizza Rat.

Last week, citing my fashion cred, a friend challenged me to come up with an easy costume that I could make from my closet. She was incredulous that with all my clothes I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t involve mouse ears. Challenge accepted! I present to you…

4 Easy Halloween Costumes – From Your Closet!


Wear tan sweats and go as Yeezy Season 1.

OR: wear all tan (or any other neutral) or all sweats and go as Yeezy season anything. Like, here I am in black leggings and a black sweater – this is Yeezy season 20.

Put on makeup and fake tattoos and go as Kat Von D.

OR: put on fake tattoos and go as any cast member from Miami Ink, L.A. Ink, Black Ink Crew, etc.

Wear a red dress and go as The Bachelorette. Hand out roses for extra effect.

OR: put on a fancy dress, smear your mascara and go as a rejected bachelorette.

Wear ripped clothing and put the letters D & K on yourself… et voilà: you’re DECAY!

This last one my roommate and I came up with together. It’s a bit more work, but it’s quite clever (if I do say so myself).

If, like me, you’re terrible at costumes, I hope this list helps you save a little bit of face on Halloween. What I choose to go as will ultimately depend on the weather, my mood, and – let’s be real – whether I have shaved. But whatever costume I go with, I might still add my leopard print mouse ears, just because they’re fun.

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