Closer to Fine (Jewelry)

November 19, 2015


Melissa Joy Manning, Scosha

I’ve written a little bit here about how my style has been changing. Someday I’d like to write a longer piece about that, but suffice to say, it’s part the change scenery (NYC vs SF), part a change in career (I’m in art school! more or less), and honestly, part just getting older and (hopefully) maturing.

One aspect of this change is how I approach jewelry. I find myself wearing the same pieces over and over because they’re easy to wear and go with everything. Now when I look at jewelry I’m more interested in nicer, simpler pieces. Basically… fine jewelry. One thing I’m particularly excited about right now is matching but mismatching pieces. Like, how cool would it be to wear this Smith + Mara suspender hook earring with this Brvtvs “U” earring? Or these Lena Wald earrings with these ones? You can do that with fine jewelry because 14k gold is 14k gold, so you don’t have to worry about it looking different. Plus, when something is simpler it’s just easier to mess around with.

Admittedly, fine jewelry sounds scary, right? Like super expensive, fancy, etc. The truth is, you can buy huge, ornate, complex pieces of costume jewelry from J.Crew or Anthropologie for the same price – or more – than a lot of fine jewelry costs. It’s far more affordable than most people would think.

I’m turning 32 in a couple of months and a new piece of jewelry would make an excellent present to myself. Check some of the pieces I’ve been eyeing. And hey – if anyone in my family is reading this – just consider this my Christmas/birthday wishlist. 😉

Stay tuned to the blog for an interview with Andrea Linett, the founding creative director of Iconery (one of my favorite places to look at fine jewelry). Plus, check out my Pinterest board for a few more fine jewelry faves.

PS: Iconery is currently doing “7 Days of Shine” where each day brings 40% off one featured piece on their site. Sign up for their email list so you don’t miss out. No, they’re not paying me. I just want you to get a good deal!

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