I Am Super Feeling Fringe Right Now

October 6, 2014


In the Shadows

I’ve always had a thing for fringe, but lately I think I’ve been subconsciously channeling Stevie Nicks. After waiting 16 years and 7 months, I am finally, FINALLY going to see Fleetwood Mac live in concert. Tonight. At Madison Square Garden. I discovered the band in the mid-late 90s (thank you BMG music club!) and then shortly thereafter Christine McVie left, dashing my hopes that I’d ever get a chance to see them live. Earlier this year I started to hear RUMOURS (bah dum shhhh) that Christine was in fact returning and when it was finally confirmed and tour dates were announced, I was elated. This is some serious delayed gratification.

Wearing fringe (and floppy hats and turquoise) can be a lot of look, but finding pieces in black is a good place to start. It helps avoid looking like a gun-slinger straight out of the wild west, or a flower child from the 60s. White fringe is good too (see photo above), but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of good white fringed stuff out right now; probably because it’s October.

Feeling Fringe

Clockwise from top left: Mara Hoffman sweater, $348 (also here) // BCBG belt, $78 // Milly mini skirt, $210 // Topshop jacket, $140 // Michael Michael Kors dress, $225 // FINDS + Nomia maxi dress, $590 // Milly skirt, $275 // Zara leather jacket, $199 // Milly jacket, $375

My outfit: Jacket – Topshop // Hat – Madewell // Rings – mostly vintage

What do you think – are you feeling fringe too?

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