In the Cool Cat Club

June 27, 2014


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Tee – Cool Cats Club // Skirt – Anthropologie // Sandals – Corso Como // Purse – J.Crew // Sunglasses – Shwood // Watch – Michael Kors // Bracelet – MADE by Nyoto

Have I mentioned lately how much I love crop tops and maxi skirts? Probably. But I’ll say it again – this is basically my uniform. I love this t-shirt (given to me by a friend), and I’m not even a cat person. Well, I do like cats, but I like dogs too! I’m getting a haircut (trim) today, and thinking about getting my hair straightened again, before I go. I’m curious how long it is.

Earlier this week I uploaded some stuff to Threadflip. I still have so much more! I’ve been spending a good bit of time this week trying on nearly everything in my closet and trying to be really ruthless. I’m getting rid of shoes, bags, dresses skirts, sweaters, jackets, etc. I generally really like Threadflip, but photographing everything takes a lot of time, and then I still have to wait for something to sell, and then I have to take it to the Post Office. And I’m already getting impatient. I have less than 3 weeks in San Francisco and I just want to get this stuff out of my hair so I can focus on the things I actually need to pack. I’m going to try to be extra ruthless in my closet this weekend, and then on Monday I’ll send the premium stuff to Threadflip to be photographed by them, and the rest I’ll take to Crossroads. I always feel so judged in those situations (why you no like my clothes?), but whatever. I’m on a spree!

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One Response to “In the Cool Cat Club”

  1. Maddy Says:

    So sad you’re leaving SF! Hope to follow along on the blog still! :) (brb, rushing to see what you put on Threadflip…)


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