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August 13, 2013

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Images via Fashion Gone Rogue and the Fashion Spot

I’m a total magazine fiend – there’s something about the experience I really delight in – but guess what I don’t always enjoy? The editorials. Sacrilegious, right? I’m usually satisfied to look at the beautiful pieces, because I often find the images they’re featured in to be annoying, trite, or completely boring. At best there are a couple of images out of a set that I love, but generally nothing affects me.

Flipping through Corps Strength in the August Elle, I wanted to shout YES! Yes! I get it! I was so excited I immediately tweeted the stylist, Joe Zee (he didn’t tweet me back… yet). Finally, I could relate to the visual story an editorial was putting forth. The styling, the setting, the pieces, the model’s poses; for me, everything came together brilliantly.

I get this woman. She’s strong, dramatic, athletic… and stuck in the desert, hah. (I actually love barren landscapes as backgrounds for high fashion, and I would love to do a desert shoot myself.) I love that the base of what she’s wearing is simple, and then everything else – jackets, jewelry, shoes – is over the top. Some sort of utilitarian-desert-ranger-meets-80s-bling vibe. And I love that the blinged out sneakers – which I’m over the moon for – are Jeffrey Campbell. Once again, props to Joe Zee!

Above all, the icing on the cake for me is the Lanvin “help” necklace. I nearly cheered when I saw those necklaces come down the runway (er, when I saw the pictures of the runway). Somewhere inside of me a spark went off. I thought they were absolutely brilliant. Lanvin has never felt accessible to me – and I didn’t even know if they would make it into production – but deep down I knew that that wouldn’t be the last I saw of them… And, uh, more on that tomorrow.

Magazine: Elle US, August 2013
Photographer: Thomas Whiteside
Model: Jessica Miller
Stylist: Joe Zee

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