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{Friday Favorites} Smarty Pants

October 25, 2013


Neiman Marcus blog // Pinterest // Refinery29 // Vanessa Jackman // Stockholm Streetstyle I’m pretty anti-pants, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s just because I’m a sore loser. Pants never really fit right, and trying to make it work is frustrating. But every time the temperatures drop, I think, […]

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{Friday Favorites} Sweatshirts, Elevated

October 18, 2013


¬†Musings in Femininity // Stockholm Streetstyle // Harper’s Bazaar // Vanessa Jackman // Citizen Couture San Francisco is finally having a heatwave/summer weather, and for some reason I have fancy sweatshirts on the brain. Go figure. Also, remember those “B.U.M. Equipment” sweatshirts from the late 80s/early 90s? I never had one, but I thought they […]

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{Friday Favorites} Play on Plaid

October 4, 2013


Harper’s Bazaar // Vanessa Jackman // Vanessa Jackman I’m not really sure when plaid is plaid, and when it’s “tartan”. Might have to do with the color? Or the scale of the print? I’m sure the answer is just a wikipedia entry away… Anyway, I would love to do the jacket/dress combo in the second […]

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{Friday Favorites} Fashion Week!

September 6, 2013


My Fashion Tricks // Harper’s Bazaar // Le 21eme // Pinterest // Vanessa Jackman I’m super excited to be back in New York for fashion week! This week’s selections are inspiring me as I attempt to up my street style game for the Fashion Week crowd. I’ll try to take as many outfit photos as […]

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