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Empty Home Tour, Part 1 (Or, Rugstravaganza!)

August 6, 2014


I made it to New York! It took me about a week to find a place, and another few days for all the paperwork to go through. I moved in on Saturday, and now I’m… camping out. Having no furniture (save a borrowed air mattress), no Internet (despite hours on the phone with Time Warner), […]

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{Friday Favorites} Stripes

June 21, 2013


Atlantic-Pacific // Jak & Jill // Vanessa Jackman // Face Hunter I’m not much of a stripes girl. I have exactly 1 striped piece in my entire wardrobe, and I’m especially fearful of vertical stripes. But I do appreciate them on others. If I ever did do the vertical stripe thing, I’m not sure if […]

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Summer Lovin

May 26, 2010


*my apologies for lagging on the blog. May has been an incredibly busy month, and I’m currently traveling on the east coast for 2.5 weeks.* I love summer – especially hot summer nights. I love it when I can leave the house in the morning, come back at midnight, and be comfortable wearing the same […]

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