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In Lieu of New: A Secondhand Shopping Challenge

January 29, 2014


image via What would it look like to not buy any new clothes?¬†That’s obviously not even a choice for so many people, but for those of us who can and do (frequently) buy new clothing, how would our shopping habits – and our closets – change without new clothes? My friend Alison Christiana told me […]

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{Shopping List} Picking an iPad Cover

September 4, 2013


After two solid years of wanting, I finally bought an iPad. I’ve been so busy I completely forgot to do my research on what kind of case I might actually want. Since I wasn’t sure what was out there, I bought this Michael Kors¬†iPad clutch – at the Apple store! I figured it was better […]

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{Shopping List} Fall Footwear

August 28, 2013


1 – Zara ($159) 2 – J. Crew ($350) (25% off through Thursday) 3 – Dolce Vita ($89) (more sizes) 4 – Kate Spade ($278) (more sizes) It’s not fall in San Francisco – we’re just now getting our summer! But that being said, fall weather is actually prone to happen anytime, all year round. […]

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{What to Wear} Tibi Midi Skirt, Part II

July 29, 2013


This skirt is going back. I tried it in black, and it just felt too serious. So I bought it in blue, but it still feels too… too much. I love the color, shape, volume and all of that. But the material looks and feels, well like “prom”, as a friend described it. I really […]

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