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In Lieu of New: A Secondhand Shopping Challenge

January 29, 2014


image via What would it look like to not buy any new clothes?┬áThat’s obviously not even a choice for so many people, but for those of us who can and do (frequently) buy new clothing, how would our shopping habits – and our closets – change without new clothes? My friend Alison Christiana told me […]

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This, the last day of my shopping cleanse

April 30, 2010


After 3 months of not buying a single piece of clothing, I’m pretty excited to go shopping. In a few weeks I’ll be in the shopping mecca of NYC so I don’t want to completely go buck-wild with shopping this weekend, but there are two things I’ve had my eye on for quite some time […]

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Shopping Cleanse Update: Living to tell the tale

April 20, 2010


As my three month shopping cleanse winds down I’ve begun to reflect on what, if anything, I’ve learned. There’s one lesson that stands out to me the most: I’m terrible at chronicling my habits, challenges, and desires. I posted about them here and there, but the meat of my cleanse happened offline – and stayed […]

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Leasing Beauty

March 27, 2010


On Thursday this gorgeous Max Mara dress was featured on Ideeli. Normally $2,695, a STEAL at $839: Someday when I’m a baller I’ll drop $1000 on a dress without batting an eyelash. Will I ever purchase a two- or three-thousand dollar dress? … Er, probably – knowing me and my shopping habits (they just get […]

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