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The Ones That Got Away

January 8, 2014


At the end of every round of End of Season sales there are always a few items that get away, that sell out before I can make them mine. Usually because I’m either waiting for the price to drop further, or because I know the price won’t drop and I’m trying to convince myself that […]

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{Friday Favorites} Play on Plaid

October 4, 2013


Harper’s Bazaar // Vanessa Jackman // Vanessa Jackman I’m not really sure when plaid is plaid, and when it’s “tartan”. Might have to do with the color? Or the scale of the print? I’m sure the answer is just a wikipedia entry away… Anyway, I would love to do the jacket/dress combo in the second […]

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An(other) Exercise in Restraint

May 18, 2010


Not shopping before an impending vacation is always a challenge! I’ve had a trip to NYC on the horizon for a couple of months and now that I’m less than 2 weeks away it’s no easier resisting things that have caught my eye. Some items I’ve been more successful ignoring than others. (Clockwise from top […]

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