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4 Easy, NO-EFFORT Halloween Costumes for the Costume Impaired

October 18, 2017


leopard print mouse ears

I love fashion but I’m bad at costumes. People are always so shocked when I mention this, but it’s true! It’s in large part because I hate buying clothes that I’m not going to wear, but also because I’m NOT CRAFTY. Like, at all. If an “easy halloween costume” requires any DIY effort it’s a no for me. Luckily […]

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Halloween 2011: My First Foray Into DIY Nail Art

November 13, 2011


Every year I bah-humbug Halloween only to half-ass a costume at the last minute. I already knew the mouse ears would make another appearance this year… and then I discovered nail art. I saw “Frankenails” featured in Refinery 29 and decided to be “Franken-Minnie”. (Photo via Refinery 29)  In order to make it Minnie, I […]

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Outfit: Halloween

November 9, 2010


I always feel conflicted at Halloween. I want to participate and get really festive with my costume, but I’m actually quite horrible at costumes. Every year I just end up cobbling something together with the clothes in my closet; maybe acquiring a new costume piece every few years. When you use streetwear for your costume, […]

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