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When a Good Hair Day Means So Much More

July 12, 2017


woman with power pose

Do you ever have days where you wake up feeling fabulous? I used to have more of those days, and I didn’t even realize I was having them. There was a time when feeling comfortable in my skin was the only way I felt. Now those days are rare. I got a taste of that […]

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Looking at the Bright Side of a Schizo Spring

April 20, 2017


Adelle McElveen, Fashion Blogger

If I were a New Yorker, I would probably be annoyed by spring in New York. A few days ago it was nearly 80 degrees. Yesterday it between 45-50. Irritating, right? Wrong. Thankfully, I’m not a New Yorker (yet?). I still consider myself a California girl. And for me, this kind of weather is my sweet […]

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Thoughts On Life & A West Village Walkabout

July 30, 2016


Adelle McElveen wearing a red Tracy Reese sweater and red MM6 sandals.

You know what? Sometimes you go through a period in life where reality kicks your ass every day, and that’s that. “Life,” as my family likes to joke, “be’s that way sometimes”. As one of my friends says, we all go through times when we have to eat a sh*t sandwich. I’m certainly eating one, […]

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Layering for a Winter That Wants to be Spring/a Spring That Wants to be Winter

March 20, 2016


purple afro

Spring has been appearing in New York in fits and starts.  One day it’s warm and sunny then two days later it might snow. Rinse and repeat. I figured I better post these snow photos before they became completely irrelevant! One thing I like about these photos is that I get to show you how I […]

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