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Layering for a Winter That Wants to be Spring/a Spring That Wants to be Winter

March 20, 2016


purple afro

Spring has been appearing in New York in fits and starts.  One day it’s warm and sunny then two days later it might snow. Rinse and repeat. I figured I better post these snow photos before they became completely irrelevant! One thing I like about these photos is that I get to show you how I […]

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3 Fashion Hacks for Looking Fabulous on New Year’s Eve (or at any other party)

December 28, 2015


Some nights, getting ready to party feels like an event in itself: long shower, detailed make-up, dancing around to my favorite music while choosing what to wear. Other nights, I really can’t. be. bothered. On those nights my goal is to look good with minimal of effort. I tend to be a scrooge about New Year’s Eve (so much […]

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6 Steps to Getting the Most out of the 24/7 Barney’s Warehouse Sale

February 5, 2013


Quite possibly the best – and most dangerous – thing to happen to the Internet yesterday, Barney’s decided to make their Warehouse sale available online, all the time. Now super chi-chi brands are actually within reach – some at splurge level, but still a lot at mall prices. I took a look this morning and […]

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{How to Wear} Maison Martin Margiela With H&M

October 24, 2012


The Maison Martin Margiela lookbook is out today! On the plus side, it looks like MMM fully kept the house’s aesthetic intact for the fast fashion retailer. Unfortunately, it looks like MMM fully kept the house’s aesthetic intact for the fast fashion retailer. Because let’s be real: MMM clothes are not easy to wear! Now that […]

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