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{Wish List} Lanvin Statement Necklace

August 14, 2013


I would just like to preface this post by admitting that I am crazy. About fashion, of course, but still a little bit crazy. And admittedly, I live in a little bit of a fashion bubble. I know several women who spend $1000 or more on a handbag or pair of shoes, which I have […]

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A New Birthday Suit

January 11, 2013

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{Photo via} This. This is what I want to wear for my birthday in a few weeks. How fabulous would that be! But assuming I could find black sequined briefs, or even hot pants, there is still be one thing standing in between me and this perfect, amazing, outfit: magical fishnet stockings. Magical fishnet stockings […]

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Luscious Louboutin

November 11, 2011


Source: us.christianlouboutin.com via Adelle on Pinterest   Last night I met a woman wearing the most incredible pair of Louboutins. She told me that she didn’t buy a single pair of shoes for 5 months, and at the end she celebrated by springing for the Loubs. I woke up this morning with Louboutins on the […]

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Albertus Swanepoel: Doing a Double Take

November 1, 2011

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Nearly a year ago I was obsessed with a certain leopard print fedora at J. Crew. I declined to pre-order it, however, and it sold out by the time I went into a store to try it out. Bust! Although to be fair, I tried it on in a different color and didn’t like how […]

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