The Perfect Handbag for the Busy Woman (#styleforyourlife)

June 6, 2017

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Tara and Co handbag launch party, New York Tara and Co handbag launch party, New York Tara and Co handbag launch party, New York

{Tara&Co: Fashion Meets Function Convertible Bag}

I get so frustrated with fashion-meets-function products because they’re quite often heavy on function and light on fashion. It’s hard to find a beautiful, hyper-functional handbag for a busy life! I mean yeah, I want my bag to be functional, but I’m certainly not going to rely on a bag that would ruin my outfit every single day. Is there even a perfect handbag?

Enter my friend/former Facebook colleague Julia Lam, and this new convertible bag she’s launching. She’s a busy, accomplished (and I mean ACCOMPLISHED) woman who doesn’t want to skimp on style. She got frustrated with the lack of compelling options and decided to do something about it.

To that I say: thank you Julia! I always have multiple things going on and as a result I am a person who carries her life in her bag. I always have my phone, wallet, planner, a bottle of water, lip balm, hand lotion, a scarf, glasses or sunglasses, tissues. Often a computer. Sometimes a book, a magazine, a snack, or an extra pair of shoes. I am not somebody who can get by with a dainty little bag! Over the years I have filled my closet with bags of different colors and configurations in my attempt to find the perfect handbag for my busy schedule.

The Tara&Co Tracy bag can be:

  • a shoulder bag
  • a cross-body bag
  • a tote bag/briefcase
  • a backpack
  • and it has a detachable clutch (!)

Not to mention pockets in all the right places. Here’s the thing though: it’s hard to launch a product, especially one of this quality (this bag is BEAUTIFUL). Sometimes it takes an outsider to show that the impossible can be done. Please join me in helping get Julia’s bag into production and showing the fashion world that the impossible – a beautiful, quality, highly functional bag – is actually quite possible.

Photos via Facebook

Note: I was not at all compensated for this post. I like Julia and think this bag is the bomb diggity. (do people still say that?) Plus, I modeled for her and it was fun.

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