A Pant-a-Palooza at Everlane and AYR

November 6, 2016


AYR ponte pant


I am not a pants person.

Well, I wasn’t. But I think that’s changing now.

For a while I was really into dresses. In terms of putting together an outfit, it’s one (item) and done! But a dress has to fit everywhere, and that can be a lot to ask from one garment. Skirts are nice because they automatically dress everything up, and they’re often more flattering than pants. So I used to be a huge proponent of dresses/skirts + tights/leggings… But lately those combinations feel like more of a production than I want to go through in the morning. It’s one thing to be in graduate school and not get dressed every day (days I just sat at home writing papers). Now that I have a legit job, it’s a whole other thing to both have to wear clothes AND look presentable every single day. That’s not something I’ve had to do since, oh, early 2014. Even when I did do it, I lived in San Francisco and not New York, so it was just a whole different ball game.

While I love trying on tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, jewelry and make-up, I enjoy trying on pants about as much as I do bathing suits. So like, not at all! Since as of 2 weeks ago I only had two pairs of both presentable AND flattering pants (jeans from AYR, black pants from J.Crew), I decided to tackle this hole in my wardrobe so I don’t have to think about it again for a while. I really respect Everlane and Ayr as brands, so that’s where I went first. Bonus: they both have studios in NYC where you can actually try stuff on.


AYR studio

AYR studio

AYR studio

AYR studio

Ayr Studio

I had a great time trying on clothes at the AYR studio. I got the good kind of one-on-one attention and I didn’t feel pressure to buy. I only came for pants but it was fun to try a few other things too. The Flex Tech denim is amazing. It doesn’t look or feel like denim AT ALL. The Ponte Pant made my legs look amazing. I mean, my legs are definitely one of my best assets, but this was next level. And omg, if I paired those pants with these shoes I would be on fire. The Arrow Pant is made from the same fabric that equestrian pants are made from, the fabric, as the song goes, moves when you move (just like that). I loved how the pants felt, but they were too short. I also tried on a couple of really expensive jackets (1, 2). I looked up the prices later and my jaw hit the floor. You’ll know that I’ve hit it big if you see me in one of them! I didn’t buy anything immediately, but I did go back for the Flex Tech and the Ponte Pant.


Everlane studio

Everlane Studio

Everlane Studio

Don’t I look super legit in those clothes?! This is head-to-toe Everlane. I looooove their Track Pant in Wool Flannel and GoWeave, the latter of which I’m wearing above. The GoWeave is such a cool textile. It’s wool, but made with longer fibers so it feels lighter and less scratchy. The saleslady gave me the shoes to try on so I could assess the length of the pant/the amount of ankle showing, and then she suggested I try on the shirt. It doesn’t have a lot of hanger appeal. But DAMN. I felt next-level in that outfit. I didn’t buy anything yet, but I do want to go back to the studio to try new pants they just released. This whole look isn’t my normal aesthetic, but I really dig it.

I’m also really intrigued by The Girlfriend Collective and Good American. I’ve been wearing my Girlfriend Collective leggings all day, and I love them way more than any other leggings I’ve ever worn. I’m curious about Good American. As soon as my bank account replenishes (helloooo regular paycheck!) I’ll probably order a pair. What’s your favorite brand for pants?

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2 Responses to “A Pant-a-Palooza at Everlane and AYR”

  1. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Hi! I just found your site while looking for a review of these Everlane track pants! I recently ordered and returned two pairs of Good American jeans. They’re actually much nicer than I expected them to be! Super comfy and they looked great. But they’re so super stretchy and they size large, so my regular size kept sliding down and one size down was good but the fabric on top of the fly kept pulling over because it’s so soft. They’re worth trying though!


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