Layering for a Winter That Wants to be Spring/a Spring That Wants to be Winter

March 20, 2016

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sneakers in the snow black woman in the snow sneakers in the snow Black woman in the snow black woman in the snow sneakers in the snow purple afro black woman in the snow purple afro purple afro sneakers in the snow

Spring has been appearing in New York in fits and starts.  One day it’s warm and sunny then two days later it might snow. Rinse and repeat. I figured I better post these snow photos before they became completely irrelevant!

One thing I like about these photos is that I get to show you how I layer! I take layering very seriously (San Francisco trained me well). I’ve recently started wearing this windbreaker underneath coats and jackets. It has a slim fit so it doesn’t fit over bulky stuff, but it doesn’t need to be the outermost layer in order for it to work.

Underneath the sweater I’m wearing a performance-ish sleeveless wool turtleneck from the Lululemon Lab. In the winter I ALWAYS have a base layer of wool, HeatTech or something to that effect. I had a really cool visit at the Lululemon Lab pop-up in New York a couple of months ago. While I was just checking it out for my own curiosity, I ended up trying on a bunch of amazing things, and liked this turtleneck so much I bought it and walked out of the store wearing it. It’s an item I wear regularly.

On my legs I’m wearing amazing Falke tights. They’re wool on the outside and cotton on the inside, so they’re super warm without being scratchy. Genius!!

It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow, and if it does you know I’ll be ready!

Coat – J.Crew (on sale) // Windbreaker – Anthropologie // Sweater – Anthropologie (similar) // Tank – Lululemon Lab // Skirt – Banana Republic // Barrette – J.Crew // Earrings – Lulu Frost // Tights – Falke // Sneakers – Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by Paige Hogan

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