3 Fashion Hacks for Looking Fabulous on New Year’s Eve (or at any other party)

December 28, 2015

Fashion Hacks

Some nights, getting ready to party feels like an event in itself: long shower, detailed make-up, dancing around to my favorite music while choosing what to wear. Other nights, I really can’t. be. bothered. On those nights my goal is to look good with minimal of effort. I tend to be a scrooge about New Year’s Eve (so much pressure for one night out of the year!), so if I decide to even leave the house, you can bet I’m taking a few shortcuts on my look. In case you’ve been nodding your head emphatically to all of the above, here are three of my favorite fashion hacks for looking fabulous:

1. Red Lipstick

Seriously. There’s a lot of bs about make-up “must-haves” out there, but the hype about red lipstick is true. I discovered it several years ago when I was dashing to meet friends for dinner after work and I had time for nothing but lipstick. My friends asked me if I had changed my hair! I recommend doing this with concealer, mascara and eyeliner. At the very least, mascara. (note: the below lipstick images aren’t red, but these brands all have a red shade that I like.)

2. Statement Jewelry

I would like to see more statement jewelry on those “must-have” lists. An eye-catching necklace, ring, or pair of earrings does wonders for an outfit – and conversations. Personally I don’t like big bracelets, because they never fall on my wrist quite right. Above all, don’t count on a statement bag or shoes. If you keep them on, they’re probably not going to be noticeable; if you go to a house party, you may very well end up taking your shoes off or stashing your bag on somebody’s bed underneath a pile of coats. What also works: statement head-gear (headbands, turbans, barrettes, etc). (note: I am obsessed OBSESSED with that Rosantica necklace. It’s two necklaces in one!)

3. Over-the-Top Topper

While I don’t have many, I love a good light jacket. It’s a great alternative to a blouse or sweater, and they add a fun bit of drama. If you live somewhere that has winter, get one that’s slim enough to fit under a coat. This is also great for parties where you’re both in- and outdoors.

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