{NYFW} Sally LaPointe & Maiyet

September 22, 2015

Fashion Week


In this age of “Lean In”, Sheryl Sandberg’s exhortations to women formed a lightning rod, endured a backlash, and are now being reinterpreted in different contexts and mediums. Both Sally LaPointe and Declan Kearny at Maiyet used the runway to present their versions of strong, resourceful women that certainly look like they’re leaning in.

Sally LaPointe showed looks combining an array of textiles such as fur, suede, silk, PVC, and fish-scale like metal paillettes; at times in the same garment. You could imagine this woman as a post-apocalyptic hunter-scavenger: she hunts and skins wild animals, and dumpster-dives to collect useful plastics that will never biodegrade.

Based on the pseudo-sandy floor and grotto-like structures at Maiyet, Declan Kearny presented a more coastal version of this woman. But that doesn’t mean she’s any less strong. They may wear wispier clothes, but they fortify them with beautiful broken shells (beads and sequins for the less imaginative). Don’t let the softness fool you: these women can fend for themselves. Like schools of fish in the sea they travel in packs. Closing the show they walked out two-by-two, then three-by-three, and by the time they came back around there was just a single horde of sea maidens cruising back towards the subterrane from which they emerged.


Photos via Vogue.com

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