{Wearing} My “In Case of Emergency” Dress

July 23, 2015


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In case you haven’t noticed on my blog (or Instagram), I’m not much of a sexy dresser. I used to buy ‘party clothes’, but when the time came to get dressed for a party I would always just end up making an outfit out of other stuff. Like, one time I belted an oversized vest and wore it as a dress; that was fun. So I stopped buying ‘special occasion’ stuff, unless it was for a super special occasion, like a wedding. But at some point during the winter I saw this dress at & Other Stories, and I knew that, while it was unlikely that I would have a place to wear it, I had to have it. Just in case. In case of a fashion emergency. In case I had to look hot.

I ended up wearing it to my sister’s bachelorette party! My sister is getting married in August, and we had her bachelorette party in DC a couple of weekends ago. The dress ended up not being as see-through as it was in the store (when does that ever happen?), but I still felt it was appropriately sexy for both my personal style and the night out that we had! Even before we went out we had fun with the rooftop photos… (as you can see by the last photo). I went up to get the good light before I was finished getting ready, so check out the finished hair & make-up here.

Oh, and over the 4th of July weekend I dyed my bangs purple! Sadly my iphone 5 bit the dust shortly thereafter and the photos from the weekend seem to be in some sort of iPhoto limbo… but if I can find them I will post them!

PS: way more photos from the bachelorette weekend on Instagram, including a couple of my favorite shots of me and my sister. Are you following me on Snapchat? Check me out at FashionistaLab for even more goodies!

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