Orientation Day 1

August 18, 2014


IMG_8796 IMG_8810 IMG_8826

Dress – Gitman Brothers via Mill Mercantile // Shoes – Soludos x J.Crew // Sunglasses – Vintage Gucci via Fiat Lux // Watch – Michael Kors

Moving has been so crazy. I thought that signing a lease meant getting over the worst. Moving into my apartment triggered a dust allergy that really got out of hand. First, it affected my sleep. Then I straight-up couldn’t breathe at night without the air conditioner. Then I got a whopping nosebleed. I realized that I would just get sicker if I stayed, so I slept at a friend’s place for 3 nights while I waited for my place to get cleaned. During that time I came down with a fever!

But once things got better they rapidly got better: the fever only lasted a day, then someone came to clean the apartment and I was able to come back, then my mom came, movers came with my stuff, and it was great to have my mom around to help me unpack, run errands, and assemble furniture.

And today was the first day of orientation! It was great to meet my classmates and to start getting into that zone… the school zone.

Getting dressed for the next month or so will be… interesting. My wardrobe is optimized for San Francisco weather: dry and relatively cool – sometimes warm, but not hot. Certainly never humid. This dress is the one item of clothing I had that was a no-brainer. The rest will be a challenge!

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2 Responses to “Orientation Day 1”

  1. Kemi Says:

    Best of luck girl. I’m so excited for you!


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