Empty Home Tour, Part 1 (Or, Rugstravaganza!)

August 6, 2014


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I made it to New York! It took me about a week to find a place, and another few days for all the paperwork to go through. I moved in on Saturday, and now I’m… camping out. Having no furniture (save a borrowed air mattress), no Internet (despite hours on the phone with Time Warner), and eating frozen dinners instead of cooking is kind of anti-climatic. But on the plus side, it’s giving me time to think obsess about what kind of space I want to create.

The floorplan is really open, so one thing I want to use to create different spaces is rugs. Plus it’s in my lease that I’m supposed to cover something like 80% of the hardwood floor with rugs. And of course I love textiles, so this is my chance to go nuts. I want to put a rug in the corner outside of the closet (and make the space into one extended closet), one underneath my bed, and possibly a third rug along the window, but that’s TBD.

Bedroom Rugs

I always thought I would go balls-to-the-wall floral on a rug, but…

I’ve already fallen for this gold zebra striped rug at Joss & Main (1)(different from rug pictured above). That poses a problem, because it seems pretty incompatible with my favorite florals at Anthropologie (2,3). But I love the zebra stripes more, especially for a closet area where there there will already be a ton of wild prints on my clothes.

It seems silly to buy a beautiful rug that will largely be hidden under my bed. This bordered rug from Anthropologie (4) is perfect for under a bed, but it’s super expensive. I like the lines of this rug from West Elm (5) and it would be a nice complement to the zebra stripes, but I’m thinking about keeping it even more simple with this one from Ikea (6).

I’ve been obsessing over the zebra rug for a few days and but I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger. There have to be more places besides Joss & Main, Anthropologie, Ikea and West Elm to look for a rug, right? Where else should I be looking?

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2 Responses to “Empty Home Tour, Part 1 (Or, Rugstravaganza!)”

  1. Fashionista Lab Says:

    Right after posting this I remembered to check Target. Found a bunch more good under-the-bed rugs, put them on my Pinterest board.


  2. Esther Says:

    Check out wayfair.com for inexpensive rugs and furniture. Plus, free shipping! xo


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