In Which I Wear Shorts* for the First Time in a Decade

July 28, 2014


IMG_8784 IMG_8787 IMG_8788

Tee – J.Crew // Shorts – J.Crew // Sneakers – Tory Burch // Sunglasses – Gucci (vintage deadstock, via Fiat Lux) // Earrings – Love & Luxe // Watch – Michael Kors // Bag – Madewell

It occurred to me recently that’s it’s been over a decade since I lived on the East Coast, and over 6 years since I’ve lived in any sort of humidity/hot weather. As such, my wardrobe isn’t really optimized for anything over 75 degrees. Come to think of it, I stopped wearing shorts long before I moved to California. I stopped wearing them in high school. You see, my mother and I used to have fights over the hemlines of my shorts. She would threaten to take them away, so finally I pre-empted her by swearing off shorts entirely. Plus, at the time I had recently cut my hair and often got mistaken for a boy… so I wanted to start being more feminine anyway. After a while I became convinced that I looked terrible in shorts and that kept me away for several years. But you know, fashion is less fun when things feel off limits, so I became determined to find a pair of shorts that worked for me. Et voilĂ !

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*not counting gym shorts

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