Zimmerman “Verano” Print

June 23, 2014


Zimmerman Verano Print


Dress // Playsuit // One Piece // Bikini

I’ve been obsessed with this print for several weeks, scouring the Internet to see how many places I could find it. In an ideal world, every print I want is available as dress, skirt, top, scarf, and pair of shoes. In reality,┬áthat’s usually only the case at J.Crew. I found this in a dress, playsuit, and two types of bathing suits. I would tooooootally get the bikini except that you have to buy the tops and bottoms in the same size, which would make half the bikini useless. Looks like I’ll have to file this under one of the prints that got away.

The bikini is also available at Saks, Revolve, and Shopbop.

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