The Ones That Got Away

January 8, 2014


At the end of every round of End of Season sales there are always a few items that get away, that sell out before I can make them mine. Usually because I’m either waiting for the price to drop further, or because I know the price won’t drop and I’m trying to convince myself that a splurge won’t wreck my budget.

This time for me it was a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack and an MSGM skirt.

Marc by Marc Jacobs plaid backpack

I really wanted the backpack. I carry my laptop to work every day, and now my new apartment is on top of a very steep hill! I thought the backpack would be much better than carrying both a messenger bag and a tote. Plus, it’s nylon so it’s somewhat weather resistant, and such a fun, vibrant plaid. I could have paid $125 for it, at 50% off, but I would rather have paid less, at 70% off. Alas, it sold out at $125. I’ve done a few internet searches and can’t find anything like it, at any price! Thankfully hauling my computer up the hill isn’t back-breaking without a backpack, but now I’m definitely on the lookout for another fun and practical backpack.

MSGM floral print skirt

This skirt, OH, this skirt. This skirt made my heart sing, but the price made my heart break. At $865 it had a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming mine. It was eventually marked down to $520, and I had an online coupon for $100 off. Still not enough. As soon as the coupon expired the skirt went down to $390. For the next week I refreshed the page every day. Will I? Won’t I? I couldn’t, could I? I refreshed the page one more time, and it had sold out. It’s probably for the best. I really shouldn’t have spent that much money on a single skirt. But I sure wanted to!!

How did you do with this round of End of Season sales? Did you get what you wanted? Or did a few great things get away?

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