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September 4, 2013


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After two solid years of wanting, I finally bought an iPad. I’ve been so busy I completely forgot to do my research on what kind of case I might actually want. Since I wasn’t sure what was out there, I bought this Michael Kors iPad clutch – at the Apple store! I figured it was better to start with something, and then if I find something better I can just return it.

Cute Cases

Moschino ($145) // Moschino ($95) // Case Scenario ($30)

I love these cases, but they’re somewhat impractical. They only protect the back of the iPad, not the screen; and they don’t function as stands, either. But cute, right?!

Sophisticated Sleeves

Claire Vivier ($97) // Alexander McQueen ($430) // Tory Burch ($102)

These are some of my FAVORITE designs. A step up in protection from one-sided cases – but then if something happens to you iPad when it’s out of the sleeve (ie, when you’re using it), you’re S-O-L (sore out of luck).

Fabulous Folios

Bodhi ($108) // Kate Spade ($85) // Marc by Marc Jacobs ($258)

These are the work-horse cases. They offer full coverage of your iPad, plus most of them fold so that you can prop it up too. Unfortunately, there’s a lot happening – like pockets for dollar bills, credit cards, pens, etc; ie, things that are already in my bag.

What to choose?! Do you have an iPad? What type of case works best for you?

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