{Friday Favorites} Leather Look

August 23, 2013


raww blog_leather pants vanessa jackman_London Fashion Week AW 2013....Donna night-onthe-run tumblr_big brown clutch leather peplum thedaileigh_LEATHER SUIT

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I recently saw on Pinterest that “leather is the new denim”. I don’t know if I agree, but I’m having a personal leather moment myself. My mistake, however, was starting out with white leather. I recently took my white leather top to be dry cleaned, and learned just how pricey “professional ┬áleather clean” is. Next up on my list is this beautiful, brown, vegan leather dress from Anthropologie. I’ve wanted it for a while, and Anthro is doing free shipping through Sunday (off orders $150 or more, code FALLFWD), so this dress is happening now. Like, yesterday. And if, like me, the 2nd to last photo has inspired you to want a leather peplum belt, I found one at ASOS.

Also, can I just say, that when somebody says “leather” I STILL think of Stella from Project Runway…. Leatherrrrrr!

*note on image sources: when I can I link back to the original sources. Unfortunately, sometimes Pinterest doesn’t provide a link back to the source (or to the exact image), when that’s the case I link back to the pin.

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One Response to “{Friday Favorites} Leather Look”

  1. Jewelog Says:

    Love these looks, totally going to work some more leather into my wardrobe now.
    Thanks for the inspo x


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