{Friday Favorites} Leather Look

August 23, 2013


raww blog_leather pants vanessa jackman_London Fashion Week AW 2013....Donna night-onthe-run tumblr_big brown clutch leather peplum thedaileigh_LEATHER SUIT

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I recently saw on Pinterest that “leather is the new denim”. I don’t know if I agree, but I’m having a personal leather moment myself. My mistake, however, was starting out with white leather. I recently took my white leather top to be dry cleaned, and learned just how pricey “professional  leather clean” is. Next up on my list is this beautiful, brown, vegan leather dress from Anthropologie. I’ve wanted it for a while, and Anthro is doing free shipping through Sunday (off orders $150 or more, code FALLFWD), so this dress is happening now. Like, yesterday. And if, like me, the 2nd to last photo has inspired you to want a leather peplum belt, I found one at ASOS.

Also, can I just say, that when somebody says “leather” I STILL think of Stella from Project Runway…. Leatherrrrrr!

*note on image sources: when I can I link back to the original sources. Unfortunately, sometimes Pinterest doesn’t provide a link back to the source (or to the exact image), when that’s the case I link back to the pin.

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One Response to “{Friday Favorites} Leather Look”

  1. Jewelog Says:

    Love these looks, totally going to work some more leather into my wardrobe now.
    Thanks for the inspo x


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