{15 Seconds of Fame} Barefoot Tess & Steve Harvey TV

Steve-Harvey-backstage-1 Steve-Harvey-backstage-2 TOP: with the women who made it happen, Karen of Barefoot Tess and Ricki Fairely-Brown; on air; backstage outfit shot; rehearsal on set.
BOTTOM: backstage shoe close-up; Judge Mathis just happened to be walking by!

Soooo guess what I did last week? I flew to Chicago and taped an episode of the Steve Harvey Show! I’ll back up a little: most people may not know this about me, but I have big feet. Sometimes I wear a size 10 – even bigger in some international sizes. Enter Barefoot Tess: a website that caters to women wearing shoes sizes 10-15. And Steve Harvey: a guy who’s all about ALL women looking as stylish as can be, regardless of size (he has a clothing line, too). Steve Harvey invited Barefoot Tess to be on his show, and Barefoot Tess invited me! Along with eight other women, I modeled a pair of fabulous shoes that women with any size feet can wear.

A car service shuttled me from the airport to the hotel to the set, and it was so fun going through make-up and wardrobe. Plus, taping a talk show was such a cool experience! So much goes on behind the scenes that you never see when an episode airs. If you ever have the chance to be part of the studio audience – do it! It’s TBD when the episode will air, but rest assured I will post when I know it!

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3 Responses to “{15 Seconds of Fame} Barefoot Tess & Steve Harvey TV”

  1. Julia Says:

    OMG you’re famous! This is so awesome! I’m a size 10+ in the shoe department, too, so it’s great to learn about this amazing site! I will definitely be bookmarking that one.


  2. Emily Says:

    Wow Adelle! That’s awesome; you’re Beautiful!!



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