{Out & About} Mondo Guerra and SEE Eyewear

September 11, 2012


1. Last night SEE Eyewear celebrated their new store opening in San Francisco, and their upcoming collection designed by Mondo Guerra.

2. I got to meet Mondo! He was incredibly friendly, and we had a nice chat about eyeglasses. He suggested that instead of trying to find the perfect pair of glasses to go with everything, I should start with two pairs. He has 14! He also recounted some of the challenges of designing eyewear, and I can’t wait for¬†his collaboration with SEE.

3.¬†Mondo loved the accessories I was wearing. He asked if I was an artist and said it was clear I’m a creative person. Having just received a job rejection en route to the party, hearing that made my day.

4. All throughout the store are interesting portraits of people in eyeglasses.

5. I might have to come back to the store for these ones! Mondo actually pointed them out to me, but I balked because my face is so round, tiny frames usually don’t work for me. But later I tried them on and I actually loved them.

6. Trying on glasses with Adiel of It’s Because I Think Too Much. I might have to come back for these frames too.

7. Oh, and did I mention the Creme Brulee Cart was there? Yum!

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5 Responses to “{Out & About} Mondo Guerra and SEE Eyewear”

  1. Maria Says:

    Thanks so much for coming by! It’s always so nice to catch up and see your pretty face.



  2. Ruth Says:

    OMG, I LOVE Mondo!



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