A Christmas Miracle

December 13, 2010


You might recognize this as the Loeffler Randall Louise Open Toe pump (pictured here). You might also notice that this photo was taken inside my home – and thus in my possession. I have been cyber-stalking these beauties for months, and my diligence was finally rewarded.

A couple of weekends ago I was taking a stroll through the Bloomingdale’s shoe department where they were having one of those sales where all the left shoes are out of the box and crammed together on a rack. Especially when you get into the higher sizes there’s a lot of dross among the gold. I was just breezing through anyway, just to see what was there, when these pumps caught my eye. What were they doing there? A precious gem nestled among lesser footwear. I immediately grabbed them. They were in my size! I put one on. It seemed to fit… perfectly. I flagged down a saleswoman to bring me the other one. Walking around in these shoes was perfection. I got two compliments just trying them on.

And the markdown was substantial. Add to that an extra 25% off shoes AND coupons totaling $50, so there was no question about buying. Looking them over at the cash register, the saleswoman herself couldn’t believe my good fortune. She said she had no idea they were out, and must have just made it to the sales floor. They’re beautiful shoes, they fit perfectly, and now they’re mine. My kind of Christmas miracle! Now, if only I could coax life out of that tiny pot…

*Another Christmas miracle would be if I were able to coax photos out of my camera phone. Unfortunately outfit photos will be delayed until it starts to work again.

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  1. goldenmeans Says:

    Those are beauteous. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing how you outfit them up 😉


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