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Project Runway recap: Hello my name is

July 31, 2010

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Welcome to Season 8! What’s with the extended introductions? First Heidi and Tim talk about the designers, then we see them meeting each other in pairs and groups of 3. They all have to meet each other anyway so I would have preferred they did it all at once instead of showing 2 people meet […]

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On the Cuff

July 27, 2010


I’m having a cuffed sandal moment. A tan, suede, cuffed sandal moment. I found a couple of pairs that I really like and simple outfits to build around them: A floaty dress anchored with an oversize cuff; a modern-day flower child. Dress – Madewell / sandal – Opening Ceremony floral button-up with cropped jeans and […]

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The SF -> PA Challenge: Harlequin

July 26, 2010


The day’s forecast: High in the low 60s. High in the mid 80s. The weatherman didn’t get confused. This is a typical day for me. You see, I live in San Francisco where there is a year-round spring, and I work in Palo Alto, where normal seasons occur. Thus, getting dressed for work in the […]

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Calculating Fashion

July 20, 2010


*This piece first appeared on the blog Pretty and Poor as a guest post. I have reposted it here, along with an update at the end. Long before I had a fashion blog I had a critical inner fashionista, and she manifested herself in my now-longstanding fabric-to-price ratio. From the time that my mother began […]

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