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Frivolous Frippery vs Stylish Simplicity: An Epic Shopping Experience

January 27, 2010


This past weekend I had an epic shopping trip – or at least that was the plan. It was a birthday shopping spree – with the purpose of finding something to wear to my birthday gathering at NocNoc, and with the leeway to fudge my budget a little because, hey – I’m the birthday girl! […]

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Golden Globe Hits

January 19, 2010


I love red carpet season! I usually forget to watch the awards shows themselves, but I always make sure to peep the red carpet looks. Here are my top looks: Carrie Preston. I love the deep, rich, wine color of this dress. The neckace she paired it with makes a regal combination. Chloë Sevigny in […]

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The Jigsaw Budget

January 13, 2010


Every two weeks I engage in a vital ritual that preserves my happiness and sanity: I make a budget. In the beginning it was more like a budget. Now it’s more a puzzle to solve. A puzzle whose pieces are comprised of a list of things I have to spend money on (bills, food, BART, […]

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Re-styling the January J.Crew

January 7, 2010


The other night I came home, drank some haterade, and looked at the January J. Crew catalog. Their caption says “our toothpick zipper jean give everything else in your closet a little attitude.” Really?  Realllly? This outfit says clutter and confusion to me. Lose the bauble necklace, keep the black beads. Lose the pretty bag […]

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