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Flower Power

October 28, 2009


If I were a superhero, I think my uniform would be in florals. I looked like a normal person in the Paris subway, but once I realized it was raining outside I whipped out my trench coat and umbrella. Too bad I was wearing canvas shoes. As it turns out, Michelle Obama also likes floral […]

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… short hiatus…

October 6, 2009

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Hello! I’m currently traveling in Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona during the next two weeks. I’ll have access to my computer while in Dublin and *may* do a post, but I might also just be off the grid this entire time. I should come back with some wonderful photos of European fashion though, and I […]

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School of Vintage

October 1, 2009


I didn’t go to the Vintage Fashion Expo because I love vintage clothing. I went as a skeptic who wasn’t quite convinced by the idea of “vintage” clothing. Skeptical because the vintage clothing market seems flooded with dated, costume-y pieces, and I’m not interested in dressing myself out of another decade. But I’ve seen people […]

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